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The main field is in the field of supernatural services, medicine / natural healing / energy inside. but can also penetrated other areas such as agriculture agribusiness, plantation, natural stones kab.Banjar local specialty, natural and antiques field, etc. ( more information call us back)
Bank Date: BCA cab. Banjarbaru No. Rekening : 7895196720 a/ n. Hasni Sofyan
Address : Jl.Melati No.103 Lihung- Karang-Intan Kab.Banjar Kal-Sel 70661 Indonesia
Booking of Foreign Affairs, send an appropriate financial prices of goods + shipping via western union Rp.200.000. sms the code-making and financial reservations via phone: + 628115034110
Next Website : ( 1) www.indonetwork.co.id/ intan-martapura
( 2) http: / / antikbertuah.blogspot.com ( 3) http: / / mutiarailmuhikmah.blogspot.com ( 4) http: / / pesugihanmuslim.blogspot.com ( 5) http: / / minyakghaibkalimantan.blogspot.com ( 6) http: / / hasni-sofyan.web.id ( 7) www.bagi2business.com ( all web type with no space)

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